Federal Coordinating Lead Author:
Doug Kluck, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Chapter Lead:
Richard T. Conant, Colorado State University
Chapter Authors:
Mark Anderson, U.S. Geological Survey
Andrew Badger, University of Colorado
Barbara Mayes Boustead, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Justin Derner, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Laura Farris, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Michael Hayes, University of Nebraska
Ben Livneh, University of Colorado
Shannon McNeeley, North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center and Colorado State University
Dannele Peck, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Martha Shulski, University of Nebraska
Valerie Small, University of Arizona
Review Editor:
Kirsten de Beurs, University of Oklahoma
USGCRP Coordinators:
Allyza Lustig, Program Coordinator
Kristin Lewis, Senior Scientist

Northern Great Plains


Process Description

The chapter lead (CL) and coordinating lead author (CLA) developed a list of potential contributing authors by soliciting suggestions from the past National Climate Assessment (NCA) author team, colleagues and collaborators throughout the region, and contributors to other regional reports. Our initial list of potential authors also included CL nominees submitted to the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP). The CL and CLA discussed the Northern Great Plains, which was part of the larger Great Plains region for the Third National Climate Assessment (NCA3), with each of these nominees and, as part of that discussion, solicited suggestions for other nominees. This long list of potential contributing authors was pared down by omitting individuals who could not contribute in a timely fashion, and the list was finalized after reconciliation against key themes within the region identified by past NCA authors, the CL and CLA, and contributing author nominees. The team of contributing authors was selected to represent the region geographically and thematically, but participants from some states who had agreed to contribute were eventually unable to do so. Others were unable to contribute from the start. The author team is mostly composed of authors who did not contribute to NCA3.

The CL and CLA, in consultation with past NCA authors and contributing author nominees, identified an initial list of focal areas of regional importance. The author team then solicited input from colleagues and regional experts (identified based on their deep ties to scientific and practitioner communities across the region) on their thoughts on focal areas. This list informed the agenda of a region-wide meeting held on February 22, 2017, with core locations in Fort Collins, Colorado, and Rapid City, South Dakota. The main purpose of this meeting was to seek feedback on the proposed list of focal areas. With this feedback, the author team was able to refine our focal areas to the five themes comprising the Key Messages of the Northern Great Plains regional chapter. Of these, recreation/tourism is a focus area that is new from NCA3.


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