Federal Coordinating Lead Author:
Ellen L. Mecray, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Chapter Lead:
Lesley-Ann L. Dupigny-Giroux, University of Vermont
Chapter Authors:
Mary D. Lemcke-Stampone, University of New Hampshire
Glenn A. Hodgkins, U.S. Geological Survey
Erika E. Lentz, U.S. Geological Survey
Katherine E. Mills, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Erin D. Lane, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Rawlings Miller, WSP (formerly U.S. Department of Transportation Volpe Center)
David Y. Hollinger, U.S. Department of Agriculture
William D. Solecki, City University of New York-Hunter College
Gregory A. Wellenius, Brown University
Perry E. Sheffield, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Anthony B. MacDonald, Monmouth University
Christopher Caldwell, College of Menominee Nation
Review Editor:
Jayne F. Knott, University of New Hampshire
Technical Contributors:
Zoe P. Johnson, U.S. Department of Defense, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (formerly NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office)
Amanda Babson, U.S. National Park Service
Elizabeth Pendleton, U.S. Geological Survey
Benjamin T. Gutierrez, U.S. Geological Survey
Joseph Salisbury, University of New Hampshire
Andrew Sven McCall Jr., University of Vermont
E. Robert Thieler, U.S. Geological Survey
Sara L. Zeigler, U.S. Geological Survey
USGCRP Coordinators:
Christopher W. Avery, Senior Manager
Matthew Dzaugis, Program Coordinator
Allyza Lustig, Program Coordinator